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Type: Doormat

Doormat is the first glimpse of your home new visitors will see and you'll definitely want to make a good impression. Buying a doormat is an easy way to instantly make your entryway look organized and pulled together. 

Salient features:

  • Carpets are made from synthetic cotton fabric that has the ability to absorb dust, good water absorption, quick-drying, and are many times more durable than ordinary carpets.
  • The surface is a matte felt fiber, no ruffled hair, no color fading, easy washing, quick-drying, long-lasting color retention.
  • A high-grade anti-slip mat is designed with a high-friction anti-slip rubber layer, firmly gripping on all surfaces, non-slip. The underside of the carpet has a non-slip plastic layer, which is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, so it is very safe to use.
  • The seams on the carpet are carefully and reliably, with funny decorative motifs that bring a lively look to your kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


A very special material with more useful features:
  • Good Dirt Trapper: The surface of the door mat of PVC Intertwined coils is hard wearing and sturdy, which is ideal for getting the mud, dirt, and dust off your shoes. And it is not easy to shed or lose "hairs".
  • Non-Slip & Durable: The PVC backed door mat with grid design is non slip, strong and not easy to tear, which protects moisture from penetrating into the floor. It grips the floor well without slipping easily.
  • Cleaning mode is easy with three steps

User manual: You can easily wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine.
Note: Do not use the washing machine's hot spin-drying mode because it can damage the cotton fabric of the carpet.